Delivering Rocket Fuelled Broadband solutions to Business and rural Communities in Southern Derbyshire

One source of real frustration within the UK business sector and  rural communities is the speed of the internet and the lack of choice. To that end, we decided to help solve the problem using market-leading wireless/fiber technology. Big Blue Rocket currently provides high speed, low latency fiber-air broadband to Derby based businesses and to customers in four rural areas in South Derbyshire. if you live in an area with very poor broadband then contact us to see if we can deliver a service to you.

Broadband Services

Derby City now has a rocket-fuelled broadband upgrade

Two years after launch, we have developed two Business grade fiber/air networks, covering all the main industrial complexes within Derby’s City boundaries. Airwave Communication have identified areas within the key business estates in Derby who suffer with low broadband speeds. Running a business with poor internet speeds will soon be a thing of the past. Airwave Communication is committed to delivering a rocket fuelled broadband experience for businesses and residences within the whole of Derby.

Residential Voice


The traditional landline market is saturated and as such, there are often only small percentages of savings that can be achieved by switching from one traditional line providers to another. If you’ve signed up to long-term contracts or on auto-renewal deals you could be losing out due to the high call charges your locked into. We can look at ways to minimise your liability.

  • Deliver the best network tariffs, charges, coverage and devices to your business, understanding the needs of ALL users.
  • Looking at options for you to achieve hardware that can be paid for in a tax efficient way, rather than with a false tariff, plus get your equipment on your asset register.
  • Work with you over time to expand the capabilities and presence of your mobile staff to ensure they do not only have the best handset, they have the best answer to business issues.


The onset of powerful operating systems, smart devices, tablets, apps and connectivity devices are essential tools for the modern Employee/Employer. Big Blue Rocket is very smart at integration; bringing air, land and cloud services together. where we not only save you money, we provide a broadband service that takes away the necessity for old fashioned land lines replacing it with a crystal clear VoIP service where you keep the same phone numbers. Compare your new bill with the old and its plain to see how much can be saved.


Airwave Communication supply edge of the curve, cloud-based solutions for a variety of needs. Our purpose is to come up with solutions by designing a system that work to deliver the desired result. Below are some of our offerings for any business.

Building a fast broadband service for business and residential customers

WLAN and AP solutions

Airwave Communication design, provide,m install and maintain some of the world’s foremost Wi-Fi solutions to meet the needs of many internal and external applications. All good solutions start with an excellent design.

  • Full design services to map out your requirements for extended access to rocket fuelled broadband, internally and externally.
  • Internal AP and Mesh distribution networks.
  • External AP provision for public spaces and wide area signal extension.
  • CCTV and live security services.
  • Point to Point (PTP) microwave and millimeter wave data links.
  • External events, temporary events, and leisure park wi-fi rollouts.
  • Billing services for timed access for clients and guests.

Network Design and Build

Fixed Wireless Access networks are state of the art, safe and secure networks that deliver high speed to match the needs of the modern business.. We can often build you a network within 90 days of a request.

  • Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) is a hybrid solution. The cabinet and beyond accesses the fiber network, but it is still copper that will leave your building and set on its way to that cabinet.
  • We build networks for Business Parks and deliver high speed, digital quality broadband to your building without any copper cables.
  • We bring high-quality fiber backhaul into your Business Park and deliver the bandwidth to your door (or gable) using Fixed Wireless Access.
  • If you’re Council provides BDUK grants then that will help deliver this technology without cost to any business on your park/estate.

ADSL services

Airwave Communication has an enviable range of products and services to suit all budgets and requirements. From basic ADSL services through to 1gb Leased Lines. Our prices are extremely affordable and our service is second to none. Please contact us for more details.

Hosted Telephony

Airwave Communication designs and controls the implementation of our own hosted telephony solutions. We have a range of solutions that we can tailor around a group and individual needs.

  • The key features you would expect from a telephone system are simply delivered using licenses per device.
  • Airwave Communication wants to create real change that provides tangible benefits to you., your business aims and to provide real benefits to all.
  • A fantastic range of handsets, cordless phones, basic phones, video conferencing and softphones are available on this open platform.